Methil Garrison

"The Barren King"

[[[IMG] [/IMG]|250px]]
"Satisfied? Now we do this my way."


Ghoul (Born)


"Vault Technician" "The Reds of Their Eyes."


Strength: 10 Perception: 8 Endurance: 4 Charisma: 10 Intelligence: 5 Agility:5 Luck:3


Hand-to-Hand combat: 36 Melee Combat: 0 Firearm combat: 30 Ranged combat: 0 Explosives: 0 Medical: 25 Lockpicking:5 Repairing:5 Traps: 0 Sneak: 25 Science: 0 Barter: 0 Computer: 0 Athletics: 10 Drive: 5 Crafts: 0 Politics: 5 Investigation: 5 Armour: 20 Barter: 10 Good speechcraft: 25 Bad Speechcraft: 20

Methil has a grouchy personality.

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