Mr. Ducky in his "normal" Form.

Mr. Ducky (aka MISTAH MOTHERFUCKING DUCKEH) Is a rubber duck that is owned by Rath Illuser, and by the leader of Hynathia before him.

Mr. Ducky is a supposedly magical rubber duck, in that he can float by itself, and communicate with Rath. (The latter claim has yet to be confirmed.) According to Rath, Mr. Ducky is known to "Kill those who don't believe in him", though this is doubtful, and has a serious hatred for Lex, which is far more believable, and makes many demonic faces at him.

One thing should be noted, while Mr. Ducky is in, "Normal Form", He looks like a normal blue rubber duck, but it is in his "Daemon Form" that he can move around. He turns red, grows black horns, and wears a devilish grin.

Mr. Ducky in "Daemon Form"