Elf girl

Nicole is an elf-vampire in Wasteland. She was born an elf, and lived with her parents and the other elves of her tribe in the village of Erudiril for fifteen years before tragedy struck. One day, a hungry, evil vampire came into the elven society. Everyone fled, as the vampire had been driven mad by lack of food. Nicole's family were in an underground home when this event happened. They heard screaming, then got to the door to see that the vampire was trying to get blood from the elves. She went to the door too, and something made it turn to her, and it saw the family. Out of control, it charged at them, the family having nothing to do but leave the home. The parents grabbed her, moving out of the way as it ran into the home, crashing into something. It ran back out and chased the family. All of a sudden, it grabbed Nicole by the back and pulled her to it. The family stopped and looked, and her father sprung into action. To allow her to escape, he sacrificed himself to the vampire. But it was too late. The vampire had cut grabbed a knife, his fangs being dull from not feeding in so long, and tore a cut into her skin. Accidentily, the vampire had cut his thumb, and blood got into her wound.

The past following days, she had undergone changes. She had become a half vampire. The elves in her tribe were too afraid to keep Nicole in her tribe, they had to banish her. Her mother tried to keep it from happening, but there was nothing she could do. Before she was banished, her mother put something into her hand. Caps. Sad and alone, Nicole wandered away from her old tribe. Then, she had found her way into a city they had made in Wasteland and bought a bow, as she used to practice archery. She had decided that she would do no evil, to avenge her father's death, and to travel the rest of the world of Wasteland, since she has no place to go home to.

It's been a year after that day. She's now sixteen, and she still is traveling Wasteland to this day, trying to find other survivors.