The One Winged Angel, also known as Sephiroth, is a figure of Caesar's Legion's mythology. Those who follow it believe that Sephiroth is the gatherer of souls. When one dies, Sephiroth will soon come to collect them. He is described to be tall, carry a sword of the same hight, have long, pale hair, and a single black wing. Many claim Sephiroth to not just be a figure of mythology, but an actual angel, or perhaps a mutant that looks similar to the legend, with a black wing and white hair. Sightings of this "true Sephiroth" are rare, and often thought to be hoaxes. During the epilogue of an Arc 2 session, Sephiroth is seen standing over the burial place of Collen Darkclaw, before flying away and leaving a single feather on the spot.