Werewolves are a form of human that arose by a mircaculous combination wolf bites and everyone's favourtie plot device, radiation.
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Not all werewolves are native american. They also don't usually have fan girls. In fact, the opposite is normally true. (See Collen Darkclaw )

Under certain conditions, they transform into wolf-men, with incredible strength and agility. They can also pass on their condition....through bites (if this was a surprise to you, you are either from another country, or have never talked to anyone).

As such, Werewolves acheive gain +1 strength, +3 perception, +20 bad speechcraft, and -10 good speechcraft. While transformed they lose -5 Charisma, and -2 intelligence, but gain +1 agility, +5 hand to hand combat, +3 athletics. (all non-tranformed bonuses remain)